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Focus on running your business instead of accounting. Our trustworthy accounting services let you manage your Malaysia business with confidence. Support your core business to profit and feel safe.

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Accounting Firm with Professionals Ready to Work

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Accounting firms with professionals ready to work will give invaluable services to small to medium businesses, like bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax planning, and more. It is next level of flexibility that in-house accounting teams may not offer. Working with an accounting firm can help businesses achieve their financial goals and drive growth.

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Trusted, Flexible, and Customizable Accounting Services.

Accounting services in Malaysia can be pillar into Assets, Income, Accounts payable, Account Receivable, Inventory and many others. Here why hire us.


13 Years of Experience

Outsourcing accounting services benefits you with years of experience in accurate financial report.


Company Cost Saving

Fast and precise in solving your accounting needs. Cut down mistakes and manpower in your company. Save more in every detail.


Business Budget Friendly

Customizable advisory services, make core accounting plan to support your business within budget.

Contact Certified Professional Accountants

Business Owners - Streamline your accounting tasks immediately

You will face 7 Risks with wrong Accounting service; such as failure to give accurate accounting statements to SSM government regulators and tax officials. That may lead to heavy penalties due to:

  1. Risk of Fraud
  2. Unstable Cash Flow 
  3. Potential to Bankruptcy
  4. Financial mismanagement
  5. Inaccurate Financial Statements
  6. Tax Penalties and Legal Charges
  7. Prone to funds misuse or manipulations.

You could be Fined!

Top 5 Problems Without Accounting Services Outsourcing

  1. Missing proper accounting steps.
  2. Unclear business account health status.
  3. Complicating financial tasks, mistakes, time-costing.
  4. No cash flow monitor and prepare financial statements.
  5. Unclear capital and control over investments and transactions.

Accounting Services Testimonials


Mr Law

Hi Tech Recond

“I did outsourcing accounting services to Kevin, he’s my go-to CPA, everything works out well for my small-profit business and SME friends. Kudos to accounting.my team! I’m happy with the guidance and advice, thank you for consulting my friends and helping generously.”

CL FOOD Raw Meats

Ms Izzah Hari Ali

Bestari Jaya Poultry Sdn Bhd

“Accounting.my is really flexible as promised! I can pick preferred payment terms, I liked the quarterly report payment as yearly payment in one-go doesn’t feel like a close-circuit to our company transactions review.”

chen siew loong

Mr Siew Loong

River Fish Farm Enterprise

“Superb on-time reminder, Accounting.my disciplined our company staff when no other accounting firms did. Messages and calls when times get busy. Really ensured a proper wrap-up to the yearly financial assessment. Big thanks, Jared and team!”

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Frequently Asked Questions on Accounting Services (FAQs)

Outsourcing accounting services can provide cost savings, access to expertise and technology, improved scalability and efficiency, and increased flexibility.

  • You get access to experienced professionals who understand compliance regulations and best practices.
  • Outsourcing accounting functions provides businesses with increased scalability and efficiency, as well as more flexible payment plans than hiring employees directly.
  • Free up time to focus on core operations and help businesses succeed in the long run.

Setting up an outsourcing agreement requires consultation, drafting a legally binding contract, setting expectations for deliverables, and agreeing on payment terms. It is important to ensure all aspects are covered to minimize potential issues. Accounting.my can share agreement quotation within 3-14 working days, based on clients’ information completeness.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you’ve got a team of experts handling your compliance matters will ease you up.
  • Saves Time: Say goodbye to burning the midnight oil poring over legal documents – Accounting.my Services Malaysia got your back.
  • Enhanced Reputation: You will deal with potential investors better with tidy transactions, positive finance, and good account management.
  • Up-to-date Knowledge: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest regulatory changes and industry best practices at your fingertips.

To choose a right Outsourcing for Accounting Services, pick a provider that gets your industry and has a solid track record. Do your background and  homework check, and seek consulting to test their knowledge.

Outsourcing a trusted accounting firm can assist you during busy times with extra hands or bringing in specific knowledge to your existing staff. Sometimes, a fresh perspective and good access to tools and information will improve your internal operations.

Companies of different sizes and in different legal systems may feel the need to outsource accounting service. To find out if your business needs consulting, it’s best to check discuss with the representative for free session. Accounting.my offer accounting free consultation, Call today.

The frequency of communication will be determined by your specific needs and the nature of your business. As a general rule, it is crucial to keep in touch with your provider on a consistent basis to keep them informed of any changes at your company that may affect compliance.