Guide to Monthly Accounting Service

Have you ever considered the consequences of trying to knit a sweater but failing miserably every time you lost track of the number of stitches? You’d probably make something that’s too little for an elephant or too big to fit a mouse. That’s why we need accounting: so that we can maintain tabs on every dollar and understand the financial sweater we’re making. For business owners, monthly accounting service can be a saviour—or more properly, a wizard with a magic calculator.


What is a Monthly Accounting Service?

Monthly accounting service can be seen as a beacon for the sea of financial transactions faced by a company. This service let professionals take care of your monthly bookkeeping needs. Included but not all such as creating financial reports, tracking transactions, tallying financial data, payrolls, etc. Put “monthly accounting service near me” into a search engine, and you’ll likely get a top list of accounting firms in Malaysia.

Your company type determines your liabilities, tax entitlement, tax responsibilities, and operational independence, so choose wisely!

Why Should You Use a Monthly Accounting Service?

Picture trying to finish a jigsaw project with only half of the pieces. Doesn’t even make sense, does it? That’s what it’s like to manage a company without keeping accurate books. Using a monthly accounting service will always give you accurate financial data for your company to run with no disruption.

  • You’ll have less worrying overall when you use a monthly accounting service. 
  • You will stop worrying about maintaining a healthy bank balance
  • You can now file your taxes annually confidently.
  • Start to give your full attention to running your business to success.
  • Get the government grants and tax reliefs easily with professional accountant advisory.

It is common knowledge that if accounting isn’t your forte, you’ll have better chances teaching a fish to climb a tree. So, outsourcing is the best option around for your business foundation.

Monthly Accounting Services: What is in the Package?

The monthly accounting services package usually includes the same as annual accounting. But the payment terms are friendly to business owners, of course. The main service you will receive:

  1. Bookkeeping: This is what accounting is all about, the main ingredient in your financial stew. In order to avoid any conflicts, it is important to keep accurate books on regularly. Bookkeeping will decide if you end the month with a profit or find yourself wondering where your cash flew to.
  2. Payroll: For accurate and timely payment of all employee wages, benefits, and deductions, having a monthly accounting service manage payroll is like having an inspector on your side. It’s comforting to know that this essential duty is being handled in a thorough and efficient manner.
  3. Financial Reports: If you use a monthly accounting service, you won’t need a crystal ball to predict how well your company will do financially. Reliable financial reports are the same as a performance assessment in that they show you how effectively your company is performing and where it can be enhanced.
  4. Tax Compliance: Being tax compliant can be as difficult as balancing a bowl of jelly, but if you hire a monthly accounting service, you aren’t going to suffer from any problems. Experts in this field make sure you’re not breaking any tax rules, saving you money and the stress of an audit.

Accounting service for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

So there you have it: a breakdown of monthly accounting service and the reason you should use it. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) owners may vote in favour of doing their own accounting versus getting an accountant. 

Well, if your cash flow isn’t in its best condition hire an in-house staff with experience. Think circumstances over and pick the best decision. now offer free accounting consultation, complimentary advice on your current business industry and recommendation!

Find our ACCA Certified member at ACCA Global.

Looking for Accounting Firms in your Service Area?

Our accounting services in Malaysia can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. offer the following services:

  • Reporting and Closing Financial Books in Accounting
  • The Administration of Invoices and Payments
  • Creating a Financial Accounting System for Cash and Treasury Management
  • Personalized workshop for Staff Training

Trying to educate yourself on accounting knowledge? Try Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

This Singapore’s knowledge centre of resources will help you understand more, whether to do accounting yourself or to evaluate someone’s work. Their cases can be beneficial to Malaysian businesses scenario for the tied economic relations between 2 countries.

Common FAQs about Monthly Accounting Services

The price will vary greatly depending on the scope and complexity of your company’s financial records. You may usually get a price list for accounting services upon request at most companies. Some accountants charge a flat rate per month, while others use a scale similar to that published by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Absolutely! Freelance accounting services in Malaysia and worldwide profited from the rise of the digital economy. If you need something more adaptable and may be more affordable, this is an excellent choice to take into account. Experience-wise, local freelancing accountants will do better. The in-house accountants in Malaysia usually take freelance to get a sizable income in the industry, you will not have a hard time trying to locate one here.

The majority of accounting firms are glad to offer free quotations. You can generally email us or fill up the contact form. Share your business needs with us for a precise quote, you must be specific about the scope and requests of your company.

The accounting cost for a small company is dependent on its size and complexity. The monthly charge could be a few hundred or a few thousand. To get a sense of what to prepare for, you must always talk to the accounting services Malaysia providers.