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Autocount Cloud Accounting streamlines financial management processes, enhances accuracy, and offers detailed information on the financial health of your company.

Accessibility Expands, and Your Business Does, too

With Cloud Accounting is there whenever you need her to carry out your requests as long as the internet is available. The only thing you require is a computer, smartphone, tablet, or accounting anywhere

Cost Saving on Servers and Storage

Consider the amount you might be able to save on computer, hardware, storage, and security software.

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Your Data is Automatically Backup and Protected

As much as you do, we are concerned about security. Through Microsoft Azure, all of your accounts and documents are backed up and maintained in a secure cloud environment.

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Why AutoCount Cloud Accounting

Affordable monthly and yearly start from RM840/year with full basic professional invoicing to run your business.


Complete & Compliant

From Purchase to Sales, from Account to Inventory, fully compliant.


Informative Reports

Full range of customizable reports, real time dashboard with essential info.


Great Invoicing

Great experience in billing and transaction, fast and accurate.


Collaborative Access

Multiple users’ including internal team, accountants and bookkeeper access is better administered.


Users Control

Maintain users with different access rights.


Comprehensive Inventory

Manage both stock and non-stock items, for multiple locations and variants.

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AutoCount Cloud Accounting can backup and restore easily, so you can work anywhere without internet.

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5 FAQs Autocount Cloud Accounting system

Autocount Cloud Accounting is a cloud-based accounting software designed to streamline financial management for businesses in Malaysia. It allows you to manage your company’s finances, track expenses, create invoices, handle inventory, generate financial reports, and more. The cloud-based nature of the software provides flexibility, accessibility, and real-time collaboration, making it easier to manage your finances from anywhere.

Yes, Autocount Cloud Accounting is fully compliant with Malaysian accounting and tax regulations. It adheres to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in Malaysia and helps you maintain accurate financial records. The software incorporates relevant tax requirements, such as GST (Goods and Services Tax) or SST (Sales and Services Tax), to ensure compliance with tax laws.

Absolutely! Autocount Cloud Accounting supports multi-currency transactions, making it suitable for businesses that deal with international customers or suppliers. It allows you to manage transactions in different currencies, handle exchange rate conversions, and generate accurate financial reports in your preferred currency.

Yes, Autocount Cloud Accounting offers integration capabilities with other business applications and banking systems. It allows you to connect with payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, payroll systems, and more. This integration streamlines data flow, reduces manual entry, and enhances the efficiency of your financial processes.

Autocount Cloud Accounting prioritizes data security and takes measures to protect your information. The software employs encryption protocols, secure data centers, and regular data backups to safeguard your financial data. Access controls and user permissions ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information. Autocount Cloud Accounting is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your data.