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AutoCount Payroll cloud can access to essential features with your smart phones, such as leave/claim application, status checking, and approval process.

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Autocount Payroll Cloud

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Autocount Payroll Cloud in Malaysia is a completed cloud-based payroll system that offers variety of features to simplify payroll management for businesses. Suitable for all type of small, medium and big size industry business.

AutoCount Cloud Payroll Dashboard

Every employee or user may view the overall information on the dashboard upon login, subject to access permissions controls. Including data/charts, the status of your applications, any outstanding approvals, a to-do list, and notifications

Payroll cloud interface

AutoCount Cloud Payroll Employee Self Services (ESS) Portal

Through our ESS site, all workers are permitted to request leaves of absence, submit claims, review leave and claim status, and obtain payslips. HR may finally let go of all these tiresome procedures.payroll employee portal

Integration with Accounting and POS System software

Integrate to AutoCount Accounting via web services API and view the payroll transaction posted to accounting modules.

Autocount payroll integration

Why AutoCount Cloud Payroll

Get rolling with the most affordable Cloud Payroll that is trusted by the Malaysian businesses.


System Features

  • Embedded with HR administrative tools, HR letter templates, organization charts and more.
  • Electronic Payment, EPF, SOCSO, HRDF, EIS, ZAKAT, ASN, Tabung Haji.
  • Integrated with AutoCount Accounting & Cloud Accounting.
  • More than 80 types of reports format to choose from.


Employee Self-Service

Be it e-Leave, e-Claim, e-Time Attendance, Loan, Payslip, EA, get first hand updates instantly online, you can now say goodbye to redundant paperworks.



  • Protected with two-factor authentications to prevent hackers from accessing.
  • Hosted in Microsoft Azure Worldclass data centre.


All-In-One Payroll & HR Software

Comprehensive Payroll & HR
modules, including payroll
process management, e-Leave
management, e-Time Attendance,
and e-Claim management.



  • Feature-rich platform that performs auto-backup on all your data.
  • Auto-updates on a regular basis.
  • No more worries about expensive hardware and software upgrading investment.


Self-Service Subscription Portal

  • Choose your preferred billing date that meets your needs.
  • Upgrade & adjust your plan at anytime, anywhere.

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5 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Autocount Cloud Payroll system in Malaysia.

Autocount Payroll Cloud is a cloud-based payroll system designed to streamline payroll management for businesses in Malaysia. It automates the calculation of employee salaries, handles statutory deductions, generates payslips, and generates various payroll reports. It saves time, reduces errors, and ensures compliance with payroll regulations.

Yes, Autocount Payroll Cloud is fully compliant with Malaysian tax laws and statutory requirements. It automatically calculates EPF (Employees Provident Fund), SOCSO (Social Security Organization), and other statutory deductions, ensuring accurate payroll processing and compliance with government regulations.

Yes! Autocount Payroll Cloud allows you to manage various employee benefits, such as medical allowances and reimbursements, as well as deductions for emergency leave, unpaid leave, loans or advances. You can configure the system to meet your specific business needs and handle different types of benefits and deductions seamlessly.

Yes, Autocount Payroll Cloud offers a range of pre-configured reports to meet the reporting requirements of government authorities. It can generate reports for EPF contributions, SOCSO contributions, tax calculations, and other statutory reports. This helps you stay compliant and simplify your reporting processes.

Yes, Autocount Payroll Cloud prioritizes data security and confidentiality. It utilizes secure cloud infrastructure and implements strict access controls to protect sensitive employee data. Rest assured that your employee information is stored and handled securely within the system.