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We are dedicated to providing the finest accounting services to our clients and help businesses of all sizes succeed.

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Connectbiz Services Plt is well-versed in all aspects of tax planning, corporate restructuring, and intellectual property rights, and you will be stress-free with our help in any ways we found potential, you will find the services comprehensive and helpful:

  1. Accounting services 
  2. Bookkeeping services 
  3. Accounting software 
  4. Company secretary services malaysia 
  5. Audit services
  6. Tax services
  7. Register Company Malaysia
  8. Licensing services

Here at, we aim to form lasting bonds with each our customers. We invest in learning your business to craft strategies that help you achieve your goals faster and earlier. You can trust yourself in receiving the individualized care and prompt assistance you need, and now you can concentrate on what you do best: conquering your business industry.


The Worldwide Premier business service provider with superior services.


Propel clients’ goal with appealing Professional One-Stop Services that values on Aspiring, Constructive, Credible, and Accelerate. (ACCA)

Our Core Values


Our company is committed to acting with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and ethics at all times. We treat our customers, partners, and employees with the utmost integrity at all times. We value mastery and professionalism.


Every day, we work on new and creative ways to improve our business and meet or exceed the needs of our customers, stakeholders, and employees. As a team, we are committed to doing what’s best for the business environment, our local community, and the world at large, and we work tirelessly toward this goal.


Our culture encourages open communication and cooperation, and we place a premium on respect for all individuals. Here, the teamwork and spirit values and celebrates the ways people approach life and work. pay close attention to what our customers, partners, and coworkers have to say, and we treat them with the utmost courtesy and consideration.

Enthusiasm aim to go beyond simply being a service provider for our clients and stakeholders. With enthusiastic team members providing timely assistance and asking the right questions to get to the bottom of problems. The relationship often lead to useful and realistic outcomes through in-depth, open dialogue. The end goal is for us to serve as an impetus for increased profitability and societal good.

You can put your faith in as a business partner because of our long excel history of service and testimonials. In each phase of our work, we aim to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We’re your one-stop website for all your business needs with our wide range of services, industry expertise, and personalized approach.

Trusted, Flexible, and Customizable Accounting Services.

Sharing of Technology

Accounting firm can deliver content that highlight how they use technology to provide accounting services that are more productive and efficient. The adoption of automated systems, data analytics, and cloud based accounting software can be demonstrated in articles or videos.

Business Industry Insight

Accounting firms offer useful insights into specific markets or industries. We may publish reports on new developments in the fields of healthcare, real estate, food or technology, along with research on how these changes can affect Malaysia tax compliance or financial reporting.

Thought Leadership

Expertise and thought leadership on finance and accounting topics is a way that accounting firms may add value. Also Firm's experience and skills, this may include articles, repots or workshops that explore subjects like financial planning, risk management, or regulatory compliance and guidance.

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