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Audit services are essential for firms in Malaysia to verify financial records and comply with laws thus giving investors confidence in financial reports and improving communication between investors and corporate leadership. As an outcome, help companies to stay compliant with regulations and gain valuable insight on operations.
Audit Services In Malaysia

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What are Audit Services in Malaysia?

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Professional auditing services are crucial to the health of any organization. This service is all about independent and objective opinions on financial statements or business operations in giving clients peace of mind. 

The auditing industry in Malaysia is thriving, thanks to the efforts of qualified experts who check that businesses are following the rules.

In dedication to help clients success financially, offer expert services in accounting, taxation, corporate finance, advisory services, and risk assessment. In our full-service auditing and consulting firm, we are committed to providing individualized service and exceeding your expectations. To be truly a reliable audit service for businesses in Malaysia.

8 Types of Audit Services in Malaysia

Audit services in Malaysia can be pillar into Statutory Audit, Financial Audit, Forensic Audit, Compliance Audit, Internal Audit, External Audit, Operational Audit, Information Systems Audit, and 3 uncommon terms in Malaysia – Legal Entity Audit, Financial Insights Audit Banking & Capital Markets Audit.


Statutory Audit

  • Both private and public limited companies in Malaysia must annually have their financial statements audited by an external auditor.
  • Provide a report on the audit to the company’s shareholders and members in accordance with the Malaysian Companies Act of 2016.
  • Statutory audit accounts and financial statements are to detect any discrepancies or misrepresentations.
  • It ensure accurate reflects on the organization finance. 
  • As your statutory auditor, will ensure the audit is carried out in a precise way.


Compliance Audit

  • Audits for legal compliance often found applied to a wide variety of businesses, institutions, and universities.
  • It examine company’s internal and external compliance. To narrow down, large corporations perform compliance audits on a departmental level.
  • Compliance audit will marks if a business maintains safe working conditions for its employees. 
  • It accounts to laws, local regulations, and the firm’s policies.
  • For example, manufacturing lines often call for safe working conditions audits in a factory.


Financial Audit 

  • Forensic auditing covers a wide range of processes, our accountants dig deep into the financial dealings of a company. 
  • Professional forensic auditors in Malaysia gets involve to investigate any suspicions of wrongdoing within an organization. 
  • With years of experience conducting forensic audits, can help protect your business from financial fraud.


Internal Audit

  • Internal audit evaluate efficiency and effectiveness in your business control and processes. 
  • It offers guidance to decision-makers to functions more effectively. 
  • Organization’s internal audit is crucial as it aids in gauging the efficiency of the organization
  • Provide security against potential threats. 
  • Company’s management can benefit from access to internal auditors for making better and timely decisions.


External Audit

  • External audit will demands an independent accounting firm, auditor, or accountant in Malaysia to conduct.
  • Institutions like banks and governments can equip the activity for a clear view.
  • The independent audit results will reveal if a company’s financial statement is accurate.
  • An external audit is much stringent and in-depth than an internal audit when looking for potential financial irregularities.
  • Yet, we can understand internal audits prepare businesses well in advance for external audits. Both go hand in hand.


Forensic Audit

  • Forensic auditing audits a company on finance transparency.
  • Forensic audit is performed to see that the numbers in the financial statements are accurate.
  • Auditors inspect revenues, assets, and expenses to value a company in Malaysia.
  • The analysis demands constant records and filing reports. As the shareholders and investors rely on the financial audit report’s conclusion.
  • Forensic audits by audit firms in Malaysia gives impartial company books review to combat corruption and theft in the country’s financial sector.


Operational Audit

  • Operational audits evaluate the efficacy of a business’s operational processes. 
  • Typically, an in-house group is called to work. Some businesses may prefer to use a third-party auditing service for neutral and professional level findings. 
  • An operational audit is useful for identifying waste and inefficiency within an organization. 
  • Examines how best to put resources to use to better accomplish business goals then boost efficiency. 
  • In a thorough operational audit, procurement processes are examined in great detail. A company’s norms and practices can be uncovered through an operational audit. Thus, your operations may reveal ways to cut costs.


Information System Audit

  • An information systems audit is a modern auditing.
  • An intensive examination of procedures for handling information technology tasks such as coding and data management.
  • The purpose of an IT audit is to find and fix any problems with the system and to expose any unnoticed areas.
  • This goes beyond company data systems but the functional parts for its customers.
  • From 2023 onwards, upcoming cyber security may demand auditor to have relevant skillset for good conduct on breach prevention.

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Audit services ensure your financial statements are accurate and reliable, auditor also verifies the company on applicable rules and regulations.

Here’s why companies need auditing services:

  1. Prevent misstatements, fraud, and other accounting irregularities displaying in your company’s books and records. Audit will foresee mishandling and provide remedy.
  2. Stay in line with local laws and regulations, businesses need to follow the guidelines set by organizations like Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). Audit services helps to guarantee fulfilling the standards.
  3. Internal Controls Assessment: Theft and misappropriation of funds will be prevented with effective internal control systems. An efficient audit verify the current controls efficacy. It ensure everything are kept current with the business’s evolving needs and risk profile.
  4. Reputational risk management. Customers, investors, and stakeholders will bond better trust to a business for its good reputation. Audits are used to independently manage financial information, which affect the showcase of business’s performance and credibility to the public interest.

Ensure reliable auditors’ reports, assist businesses in meeting regulatory requirements while protecting interests. A trustworthy auditing team promises long-term success in today’s competitive markets, where failure to address issues early on can have severe consequences.

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25 Tasks Audit Service Firm Do 

Audit service firm provide organizations with valuable insight into their current processes, allowing them to better manage risks in the future. Here’s a listed top 25 tasks audit service firm can do for you:

4 Quick Tips on Picking the Right Audit Service Firm

Being told the importance of audit service firms, you may be hesitant on picking the right one. Choosing the right audit service firm isn’t about the cheapest fees – you need a background check on the expertise on the task. Or you may risk company future and potential on misconduct.

When choosing an audit firm, keep in mind the following:

Credentials and Accreditations

Verify the company's legitimacy by learning more about its history and checking its accreditations. That way, you'll know the company you choose is equipped to meet your needs.

Quality Standards

Examine the best practice is being adhered to norms and guidelines from the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Consider the Size

Large businesses may benefit more from a multi-disciplinary audit than small sole proprietorships. While SMEs will do soundly with any agile audit firm in Petaling jaya or Kuala Lumpur.

Cost Friendly

Compare prices from different accounting firm before committing one, as cost is a major factor on auditing processes for a long run. Switching provider require handovers.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Audit services in Malaysia (FAQs)

3 main types of Audits can be broken down into 3 categories: 

  • the external audits, 
  • internal audits, and 
  • audits carried out by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Financial auditing is an important service offered by Malaysian audit firms. It involves analyzing a company’s financial reports to ensure accuracy and reliability. 
  • Operational Audits focus on evaluating how well a business performs operations. 
  • Legal compliance audits help organizations adhere to applicable laws.
  • Internal Control Reviews examine existing policies and procedures for risk management and fraud prevention.
  • Using audit services enhances a company’s financial accuracy. It boosts confidence among investors, which can lead to a greater investment of funds.
  • Auditing will shed light on the health flow of a company’s finances.

The stakeholders are glad to see accurate financial data and appreciate a quality audit by licensed audit firm in Malaysia.

The main objective of an audit is for company to evaluate and verify their financial data, internal controls, and operations are accurate, reliable, and compliant.

Audits follow a standard 5 steps process to ensure complete examination and evaluation of financial records and processes: 

  • engagement planning; 
  • risk assessment; 
  • audit procedures; 
  • testing and verification; 
  • reporting.


The cost of audit services in Malaysia depends on the organization’s size and complexity. An annual audit for a medium-sized business or organization typically costs RM5,000–RM20,000.

Audits for larger companies with complex financials can cost up to RM50,000 per year. The type of industry being audited and special circumstances will affect pricing, so these figures are estimates.

A company’s financial records and operations will determine how long it takes to complete a full audit. Audits typically last one week to several months.

To avoid delays during an audit, companies should be prepared. For a smooth audit, you need accurate and organized books. Accounting services like bookkeeping often come in handy.

Malaysian audit firm typically request financial statements, bank statements, invoices, receipts, and transaction records. Document requirements depend on audit scope, types, and regulations. No worry, the Auditor will request the document they want.

Yes, audit services from licensed audit firms improve business performance by evaluating internal controls, finding operational inefficiencies, and providing strategic advice.

Failure to comply with audit requirements in Malaysia can result in fines, legal consequences, business restrictions, or reputational damage. To avoid penalties, audit regulations must be followed.